Estranhando o Real – Realizando o Estranho / by Jonathan Sutanto


The project  proposed reurbanisation model of Post-earthquake post-nuclear explosion post-human rural Fukushima energy plant where the architecture of hotel were speculated as form that contains complexity of political economical organization of a city. Not long after it was abandoned, domesticated wildlife and cleaning drones inhabiting the hotel as post-human character around the built environment that never been for human itself but capital market, social status-quo, economic bubble and image. Afterall, purpose of the pre-existing city was nonetheless to support production of energy.  Architecture, I’m afraid, is independent from mayhem of subjects.

Contrary to what an image of contaminated area should be like, the hotel sits in the middle of image of pristine nature, untouched, challenging contructed image of what nature really is, is it the blue sky, white cloud, greeneries and trees?  The contaminated city were left empty by humans, now turned nature-like, the street are full of trees and animals. Objects that was belong to city now can be found stranded in the middle of nature.

The works demonstrates the politics of architecture presented as series with short repeating video collaged into the images. Each segments tells different story of distinction between outside and inside of a same project, particularly on how the outside presents the image objects in nature, and inside pictures the image of data, separated from outside world.