Studio Kai 2018 / by Jonathan Sutanto

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Inspired by Roy Bhaskar’s book A Realist Theory of Science, European Projects is a series of critical reality images that offers alternative to the actual object of architecture in European countries. It challenges not only status-quo of the selection of ”famous” buildings in European countries, but also the society where images are projected to the architecture. The project navigates between the thin territory of the real and surreal, critical and post-critical, original and copy, possible and plausible, cartoon and comedy, built and unbuilt, and so on.

Through of satellite imagery, the project rides recently made-public  media on Internet that used to serve political, defensive and agressive purposes such as espionage and military activity. Access of this imagery rapidly change how Internet users experience the concept of city, country, geographical to geo-political features. A new  face suddenly attached to building, and it is to serve larger audience than the physical world facilitate with constraint of distance and access in time where the concept of Europe is tested, questioned, and somehow “threatened”. European project intend to surpass the contemporary canonical or media driven elite such as the “famous”, not by being meta. It invites audience to fly out, take an angle and look back, look deeper into its faces, examines its form and space, confirm their identity.


Photos by Anja Schäfer & Marta Lozano

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